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With the exclusive reign of skinny-cut jeans having taken over runways and the streets over the last few years, we’ve seen the look done in just about every way possible. Proving to be a versatile item, the skinny jean looks good with a wide range of tops and shoes. They can be dressed up or down or somewhere in between.

One thing the skinny-cut is not, however, is universally flattering to all body types; women’s in particular. If you’re one of the many people who have been longing for a new pants trend to surface, then wait no more, new options have arrived.

On the runways and on the streets, we’ve seen a return to a more comfortable and voluminous silhouette, by way of non-skinny jeans and pants.

Most notable at this point is the wide leg cut, which we’re seeing in an array of styles; from jeans, to trousers and from low to high-waisted, they’re definitely on the rise. Wide leg pants are possibly the most flattering cut for women.

They can provide an uncanny slimming effect on more voluptuous frames, particularly when paired with a heel. On narrow builds, they can enhance the silhouette and create the illusion of curves. In addition to wide leg, we’re also noticing a surge in cropped pants.

Be it rolled up, tapered, or more wide leg cuts, cropped pants are looking like they’re back again in a big way. They may not be as flattering to every body type like the wide leg, but they look fantastic when done right.

While skinny jeans are certainly still seem to be the most common choice for many men and women, it’s refreshing to see some different and arguably more comfortable cuts making a comeback.

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