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I’ve hopped on the “Green Living” bandwagon, incorporating it into my lifestyle by becoming an avid recycler and by using organic products.  But still, when I hear the word ‘eco-friendly’ associated with fashion, I tend to become suspicious.

However, Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Le Sport Sac has happily turned this hesitant fashionista into a firm environmental believer. 

My favorite is the small bowling bag in the Quilted Antique, which is the answer to my traveling prayers. It has a zip-around bottom pocket perfect for storing your shoes on those long flights, and enough exterior and interior pockets to hold all necessary electronics.

Hook it on to the Le Sport Sac roll on bag for a complete travel set. Stella was even clever enough to use recycled paper for the hand-tags and the bag covers so you can feel completely guilt free when pre-ordering this bag which costs under four hundred dollars.


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.