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If you’ve taken a glance at some of the F/W 08.09 collections, men’s and women’s alike, you’ve probably noticed the undeniable abundance of plaid.  Sure, it may already be considered a common commodity in that most people probably own a plaid shirt or two, but we are currently seeing its limits really being pushed.

Many designers this season took plaid to a new level entirely, using it as the pattern of choice for outerwear, pants, tops, detailing and more, transforming the trend. Some collections even seemed to revolve around this trend entirely, such as D&G, where every look included plaid. Full kilts and full tartan blazers were even paired together with mismatched patterns.

Even shows which had themes based on entirely different inspiration managed to squeeze this trend into the mix, such as Alexander McQueen, whose Mata Hari-driven collection even included a plaid patterned fur coat and matching skirt.

Menswear certainly took off with this theme as well; one of the most notable being Yohji Yamamoto’s men’s collection. From billowy, all-over tartan patterned outerwear, to fitted blazers and button down tops, to deconstructed solid complimentary colored jackets lined with the pattern; he certainly pushed its boundaries in the most appealing of ways. 

Another interesting take was at Dries Van Noten men’s, where we saw plaid actually mixed with many different types of patterns all placed together, patchwork-style, within the same garment. There were some full plaid pieces as well, such as shiny pants and fully transparent button downs. All in all, this look has certainly made the rounds this season, in the most unexpected of places. It will be interesting to see how this trend hits on a street level, now that it’s been modernized by many and given a fresh and chic new face.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.