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It’s time to make American patriotism fashionable again even though, I’m not sure if it was ever considered a trend.

With an election coming up and incredible controversy about the future of American politics from nations all over the world, the mood can’t help be reflected in some of the most brilliant designers collections.

Personally I’m thrilled to have something to wear to those summer 4th of July parties that doesn’t look like I bought it at a second hand store. And I don’t mean the cool Melrose St vintage shops, but the stores that carry those cartoonish hand-me-downs that our mothers gave away to the salvation army. 

Lagerfield expressed delicate stars and stripes in the Chanel 2008 Spring RTW collection which received controversial revues on his overuse of denim and the underlying meaning of the American symbolism he displayed with the use of accessories. ( i.e. the DUI ankle bag.)  I just love the feminine star heels that have actual cutouts at the front of the foot outlining your toes, so kitschy and fun.

The American trend is going strong internationally as British model Kate Moss has been seen sporting various star and stripe prints throughout her wardrobe over the past few months. Since I’m not a supermodel, I’ll just make sure my stripes are vertical!


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums and www.Ama