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Keys, wallet, Ipod and of course your Blackberry:  all the vital appendages that a modern day woman can not fathom living without let alone leaving home without, are all in the bag…the “Ladybag”. 
On countless occasions while rushing out the door for a rendezvous I have left behind one of these indispensable items: leaving me unarmed and exposed to all the trials an tribulations that cross my path during the course of a day.
Luckily, a team of six ingenious college students from Canada have developed a bag that promises to ensure that you are always fully armed with all those articles that allow you to navigate through your day with ease.


The “Ladybag” is the brainchild of six college students from Canada that uses RFID technology to scan its contents for missing articles.  Simply apply a RFID tag onto your three life staples: cell phone, keys, and wallet, and a reader at the bottom of the bag scans its contents to make sure all are accounted for.  In the event that your beloved Blackberry did not find its way back to your bag after a chat session with a friend, a phone icon will illuminate on the exterior of the bag to alert you that it is MIA.


While aesthetically it is certainly not the next “Birkin Bag”, the smiley face that illuminates to signal that all vital necessities are accounted for will certainly give you a sense of peace starting your day knowing it’s all in the bag.