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Fragile, damaged, yet softly strong and comforting describes the new collection for this coming winter season by Paris-based Korean designer, Moon Young Hee.


Garments float loose, asymmetrically across and over the body, wrapping gently around the neck to provide protection from the cold. The idea is to use layers upon layers of soft silks and light velvets with dashes of fur: a more luxurious and sensuous approach to fighting the chill.



No silk satins here, which are smooth and ice on the skin. The fabrics rather are crepe silks, created with threads highly twisted and washed in a way to give the effect of wrinkles and wornness. They are also left to fray, threads unrestrained, and some are further textured by a generous application of stitches on the surface, using knobbly and crinkled yarns.



In some cases, the fabrics are then laundered after stitching, causing the knobbly yarns to shrink crazily—the silk, which it lays on, has nowhere to move and so succumbs to the crunching and bunching up, caused by the shrinking knobbly yarn. Finally, added are accents of precious fur and shaved velvets. Truly, the collection is all a treat, a pleasure to the senses.



Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.