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AP Fashion Writer, New York

Can you embody a personality in lingerie?

Cosabella gave it a try for its new "Sex and the City" line, with looks identified as Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. Prices range from approximately $33 for a thong to $164 for a bustier:

The Carrie pieces are in a bold, black-background floral with touches of animal print. It’s the most fashion-forward and trend-inspired, says Guido Campello, vice president of branding and innovation at manufacturer Cosabella. The key piece is a bustier that can be worn as an undergarment or as a top.

The Samantha styles are the boldest and raciest – no surprise there – but they’re also feminine because they’re all lace and in a passion-fruit color. "It’s a very high-end feeling for her," Campello says. (The Kim Catrall character did wear Cosabella in several of her bedroom scenes in the HBO "Sex and the City" series.)

An all-natural bamboo fabric was used for the Charlotte pieces which are more like typical sleepwear since she seems like the most likely candidate to actually lounge at home in her pajamas.

The sexy-yet-sophisticated Miranda styles, rooted in a violet color with turquoise-colored lace trim, are the most unexpected.

That’s in line with her character, Campello says, because she seemed so professional and serious on the surface but was a sensual woman underneath. The Mirandas were the first to sell out at the wholesale end, Campello notes. "It’s very comfortable. She’s a mother, she has to be comfortable but she still wants to be sexy and have that boldness to her."

You can buy the lingerie at the HBO website.