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If you thought Calvin Klein ads were going to get less controversial now that Francisco Costa is at the helm of the design empire, you’re in for quite the surprise.


Secret Obsession, the newest Calvin Klein fragrance is being asked to make their commercials more G-rated. Both the print and TV campaigns, set to debut in September, were shot by the famed Steven Meisel and feature actress Eva Mendes.

Lori Singer, vice president of global marketing for Coty, which holds the license for Calvin Klein fragrances, said that the ad taps into the secrecy of a private moment where it’s clear that Eva is having illicit thoughts, but that it’s somewhat up to interpretation because of how it’s shot and what you see and hear, and what you can’t see and hear (you hear her voice, talking about having a sexy secret).

Apparently the combination of provocative music, lots of skin, and what Mendes says has censors worried, but Coty is sticking to their guns, insisting that the commercial remain as–is.

Besides being the face of Secret Obsession, Mendes will also star in Calvin Klein’s new women’s underwear campaign this fall.