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AP Fashion Writer, New York

When it comes to this year’s hot sunglasses, leave the bling behind.

The coolest look for the summer of 2008 is understated and refined, says Michael Hansen, vice president and general manager of the upscale retail chain Ilori. "There’s less overt embellishment and logos, and more integrated details."

Shying away from glitz, though, doesn’t mean sunglasses can’t make a bold fashion statement.

"Embellishments have evolved from stones and Swarovski crystals to enamel work, laser cutouts and new foil printing techniques – the intermixing of materials in a translucent zile (plastic) that allows the metal to show through," Hansen says.

Colors also are strong. True, Hansen says, the wise first purchase probably is a black or tortoise-shell frame because it could be worn with anything, but as people begin to build a sunglasses wardrobe as they would handbags or shoes, you’re seeing more navy, purple and red.

Colored lenses are another stylish option, especially gradient ones in blues, grays and pink, Hansen reports. Gradient lenses are good for the evening hours because they block the glare while allowing light through, he adds.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.