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Some quotes on the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died Sunday:

"You shouldn’t believe Saint Laurent was a happy man. You would be wrong. Saying he was unhappy would be too big a word, but it’s not far. He was unsatisfied, anxious. A man who had trouble achieving what he wanted, out of perfectionism, precisely."  – Pierre Berge, Saint Laurent’s close friend and business partner for four decades

"His death puts a final period on a certain era in fashion, and the very influential role of Paris in the fashion world." – Pamela Golbin, curator at the Fashion Museum (Musee de la Mode) in Paris

"Yves didn’t like the word fashion that much, he liked style. … What will be missing in the world of fashion is a total respect of the human being, of the woman." – Lulu de la Falaise, Saint Laurent’s studio assistant and a close friend for more than 30 years

"I don’t want to remember Yves Saint Laurent just as the foremost and truest designer of our time. Instead I will always remember him from a private visit that I made to his museum-like home in Marrakech 20 years ago. I arrived with my sister in a run down mini-bus rented from a travel agency wearing shorts and a T-shirt which I could see immediately made him feel somewhat perplexed as he stepped out to greet us in a most elegant pinstriped double-breasted suit. After just half an hour’s conversation however, he was talking to me like you would speak to an old friend taking me into his confidence. Then on saying our goodbyes he urged me to return to see him again soon." – Giorgio Armani

"He was an exceptional artist and human being. He made not only beauty, but also women’s strength sublime."  French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

"He had a lot of tenderness for women, he found a solution for them, because a woman dressed in Saint Laurent felt immediately, suddenly better." –  former model Ines de la Fressange on France’s RTL radio

"He was a great designer, and I admired his fidelity to a style that was precise and without comparison, as well as his sense of fantasy and his great respect for women and beauty. He was also a great artist. I am very sad about his departure." –  Valentino

"She (Saint Laurent’s mother) was the one I thought of first this morning on learning that he had escaped the suffering of a world that resembled him less and less, to join the pantheon that is his."  – Christian Lacroix

"He was like Picasso in the way he kept transforming his style and yet each new one had an incredible impact on fashion. Early on, he took over for Dior and was the great couturier, then he had the great beatnik look. He was the first designer to do a subcultural style _ it received bad reviews but, in retrospect, it was powerful. He brought contemporary and modern art into fashion with the Mondrian prints and pop art and he was the greatest colorist of the 20th century, which you saw with his peasant and Chinese and African collections. He was the greatest exponent of exoticism after Poiret." – Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology

"St. Laurent has always been one of my greatest fashion mentors. … Every woman in the world, sometimes without even knowing it, has something in her closet inspired by Yves Saint Laurent. His genius is irreplacable." – Michael Kors

"Every designer has taken so much of Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent is in everything we do." – Belgium-based designer Dries van Noten