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Any budding fashionista who finds that her wallet lacks some heft has surely spent some time at Forever 21. With their runway knock-offs, bright simple jersey dresses and a myriad of low-priced accessories, Forever 21 is the dream store for the trendy “only one wear” kind of outfits.

While the quality is not top-notch and the fitting room lines are the grown up version of Disney World, you aren’t left with any feelings of remorse if you only get four wearings from an of-the-moment blouse that only depleted fourteen dollars from your wallet.

Forever 21, originally called Fashion 21, was founded in 1984 in a 900 square foot space in Los Angeles. It has since expanded globally, with stores in Jordan, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Over the past few years the company has grown, adding Heritage 1981, their laid-back casuals-only line and Twelve by Twelve, the “upscale” more fashion forward line. All three lines offer various tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories; however, Heritage 1981 is the only one of the lines that offers men’s clothing.

As if three lines were not enough, Forever 21 has created yet another, ForLove21. ForLove21 is the newest diffusion line under the Forever 21 umbrella.

Staying in a similar vein with the name by keeping the “For” and “21” many people may not realize immediately that there is actually a new line at all.

With so many options of affordable, trendy pieces that appeal to many varieties of people with extremely different senses of style, why did they need to add yet another line? ForLove21 does not offer any unique accessories that do not already have a near clone in either Forever 21, Twelve by Twelve or Heritage 1981.

Currently the only free standing ForLove21 store is located in the Dubai City Center in Dubai, so any curious fashion seekers may have to quench their accessories thirst by shopping online for the time being.