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Ever recall the incessant thrills of childhood?  Haunting you this fall, the tight lace gowns that choked your neck, eluding air from your lungs, are back – and this time they have gotten a drastic makeover. 

Although lace has a reputation of being an uptight mistresses that you see once a while, for Fall, the options range from gothica (Derek Lam), cute and frilly (Erin Fetherston and Erdem) and of course, Prada’s enamored infatuation with all that is lace. 

Though usually associated with romanticism and daintiness, Miuccia upgrades the lace into speaking with a solemn voice through her usual intelligence of design, doing a 360 from the light and airy mood we saw in the spring. 

Derek Lam goes into a frenzy of mystique and intrigue with his mature Fall collection and speaks volumes with his metallic lace, casually draping a heavy leather jacket over a floor length dress or using opulence that would perfectly suit a holiday party. 

The celebrities follow suit, whether it be Keira Knightley with her short Erdem dress that oozed simple sophistication and youth, or Jessica Joffe juxaposing intricate lace tights and flashes of blue and orange. 

The trend is on, and dare I say this time people will follow – not only because of the various degrees and options, but also because the deafening nostalgia of childhood usually gives way to foolish things.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.