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It’s often said, that good things never last, and in the fashion world, that certainly could not be more accurate. With designers changing affiliations, lines suddenly folding, and the general commotion that has become the hallmark of the industry, it’s a comfort to have some stalwarts, like Betsey Johnson, who just celebrated her line’s 30th anniversary. But few smaller labels are blessed with such longevity or even such affluence, and it seems every year there are a handful of lines that suddenly, sadly, call it quits, and now Jovovich-Hawk is said to be joining them in the great closet in the sky.

It seems that co-founder, Milla Jovovich has definitely left the label behind, as reported in the US edition of Lucky but it has yet to be seen whether Carmen Hawk will remain with the line, revamp it, rename it, or what have you.

The label only debuted in 2003 and had met a great deal of success with partnerships with Mango and Target not to mention several magazines featuring the luxe boho items. With a cult following and industry respect one has to wonder: what happened? Jovovich is an actress, and a new mother, so perhaps that has something to do with the sudden departure, but it will be interesting to see if any concrete explanations surface.

Now is the time to stock up if you love the label, there might not be anything left come fall…