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Why have so many women spent their life savings on nothing but black black black?  And why are they clinging to those dark dresses in the dead heat of August?

Are all these women mourning the passing of a Barney’s sale? Has the recession given us a new reason to think black is the new black?  Maybe it’s time to experiment with some color.

In 1926, Coco Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in Vogue and made this somber hue the new “it” color. Women took the hint and ran with it, straight to every social event, movie set and fashion show. Has this classic image invaded our tendency to ever think in color?


But doesn’t black make everybody skinnier, you may ask? Even when you have a concern about one part of your body, think about the areas you want to accent. Why not try a black skirt to cover up the “trouble” leg area, and put your “flirt factory” on display with a Dries Van Noten flowered top?


Too many designers have fluttered through flowered pastures and worn Technicolor thinking caps to be ignored this summer.
Invest in a single-toned blouse or chiffon dress like that of the Lanvin variety.
If you’re afraid of this season’s big bad bloom, a solid color is still a step out of the doldrums of black. Bring out your skin tone with the right color choice–Balenciaga’s rose print jacket or Missoni’s unmistakable prints.
There is certainly a time and place for everything.  Color is all around you for the rest of the summer.  Save black for fall – it’s just around the corner.
Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.