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With Project Runway moving to Lifetime will Rachel Zoe’s new show, The Rachel Zoe Project, be Bravo’s next Project Runway? From the preview episode, between fits of crying and Zoe-isms, things look promising.


Zoe is profiled in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar and it seems like the mag is going to great lengths to turn-around any pre-conceived notions we may have of Zoe.

Zoe is resigned, however, to having to refute rumors: “People will say to me, ‘You are the opposite of what I thought you were.’

And I’m like, ‘But why did you think I was this mean, aggressive, bossy diva bitch, giving pills, doing drugs?’ ”

Clothes are Zoe’s drug.

Eve Mendez is quoted saying “You hear things, and at first I was a little reluctant. But I kept running into Rachel, and I’m like, this person doesn’t seem at all like anything they’re drawing her out to be. She is so in it for the right reasons.”

Later, Marc Jacobs concurs remarking “As we say, I don’t ‘fashion love’ her, I love love her. She has an iconic look. And she is a caricature in some ways, and I don’t mean that negatively.”


Love her or hate her, it is undeniable that Zoe is about as hard-working as they come –“If I didn’t have Rodger, [husband Rodger Berman] I would 100 percent be a fashion widow. I’d die. Because my life has just gone whoosh! I miss every birthday, friends giving birth, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, holidays. I miss it all.”

And it’s no surprise that the stylist to the stars has no free time. Between her gig as a celebrity stylist and personal shopper, she has her upcoming TV show, deals with Judith Leiber and Piperlime, and is developing jewelry and accessories lines. 

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.