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Designers went crafty for fall with homemade organic looking accessories that were anything but subtle. But this isn’t Home Economics class. Bags maintained a natural feel without compromising sophisticated execution of design or quality of fabrication. A chic décor of oversized embellished beads, jewels, embroidery and more were seen throughout collections.

Missoni created an earthy feel with a soft beige suede evening clutch decorated with oversized crystals and rocks. Extraordinary blooming flowers in cut stone and glass decorated the wrists of models as they sashayed down the runways.


Ladylike and tribal? Not something you might think to put together, however   Marni did it beautifully with a beaded jewel tone necklace in a tribal design.


Hermes added detailed patchwork and antique inspired embroidery patterns effortlessly to classic shoulder bags.


Jawbreakers or Marbles? Fendi created oversized bracelets and an evening clutch with magnificent patterned rocks.


Chloe’s easy style kicked in to full gear with expertly placed hand beaded skirts and tassel flinging patchwork bags.


Both youthful and polished, unfinished and meticulously executed, designers took their crafty collections to a new level.  Just like the athletes in the Bejing 2008 Olympics, their job is to make it look easy. 

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.