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Maybe I’ve been reading one too many copies of French Vogue recently, the bible for all things unashamedly female and feline, because for someone who has always considered herself “not an animal print kind of girl” I am feeling a definite compulsion to run wild and add some to my wardrobe.


The craving started, relatively harmlessly, when I spotted a portion of what I later discovered was the Poverty Medley from My Name Is Barbra (Streisand’s first television special from 1965).  Even though the outfit was over thirty years old the combination of leopard coat, leather dress, and shoots (the shoe/boot hybrid) was very compelling.


The urge grew when I browsed through some images of Dover Street Market’s store set-up for Autumn/Winter.  There, amongst the more avant-garde offerings, a few racks of (very fake) leopard caught my eye. 

Once again, the thought “how can something so wrong feel so right?” crossed my mind.


Luckily there are plenty of options for someone who has decided to go faux this Fall, from the re-issue of Louis Vuitton’s Stephen Sprouse designed scarf (available this year in brown, anthracite, and violet) to See By Chloe’s sixties-inspired, leather-trimmed jacket or Heimstone’s rainbow-topped version.  The only question is, how faux should I go?