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A little bit of class, a little bit of comfort, voila! The combination stirs up a mix of a new trend called country chic. The look is polished and put together with a soft edge of coziness. It’s the girl that you see who looks pulled together but yet approachable.

A stiff pencil skirt paired with a soft, woven sweater and slouchy flat boots. Is she taking a walk around the grounds of Balmoral? Maybe, but there’s a cool, urban twist to the look. This country lady just moved to the city from some fabulous upstate estate and brought her earthy wardrobe essentials with her. But, she’s no metropolitan virgin. She has a toughness that shows when she picks up that hunting gun and drapes her riding jacket over her elegant evening gown.

Dolce and Gabbana displays earthly coolness with a sleek, leather motorcycle jacket, button-up blue collar shirt and tweed, ankle-length trousers.

Carolina Herrera takes us into the woods with a thick woven sweater, tweed pencil skirt, plush nylon jacket and wool, peter pan hat.

Ralph Lauren dresses up with intricate heavy beading, thick lace embroidery and velvet gowns topped with feather accessories and soft scarves for a casual twist.

Peter Som goes wild lux with a wide-leg wool trouser, floral chiffon blouse and oversized fur collar coat.

The color palette is understated, mostly neutrals with a shiny dash of something bright, and the silhouettes are a mix of form fitting and practical with a piece that’s a little slouchy or over the top. Add a tiara to the mix and this country girl is all set for a day out with the Queen and her corgis.

All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.