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Having always shown a strong musical influence in her work, Vivienne Westwood is now releasing a compilation album.


Fittingly titled Catwalk Breakdown, the songs were compiled and chosen entirely by Vivienne herself.

Consisting of 16 of Westwood’s personal favorite songs, the CD is set to be released at an event at a Selfridge’s store on Oxford Street, in downtown London. Selfridge’s will be dedicating an entire room to the designer, and digging into the Westwood archives to showcase her past designs.

There will also be video players, where customers can observe clips from Vivienne’s fashion shows, and listen to the album at individual listening stations.

Vivienne told, "My clothes always tell a story… And I choose the music accordingly. Sometimes the music can just be sexy; it can let you relax, look at the clothes, put people into a fantastic mood. Then it might just have to swing back and lift you up to the final triumph of the fashion show."

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.