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The color black on its own is always a staple, classic color in a woman’s wardrobe. White makes its comeback season after season in a winter suit or  a summer dress and the combination of the two is inevitable and can have a strong meaningful impact when paired in a certain way. Wow, are designers talking this year! Black and white are making a statement in monochromatic blocks, strong geometric shapes and avante-garde designer separates paired together to create a daring look.

Painted, ripped, stained and heavily constructed, there is nothing subtle about this color juxtaposition. Both

beautifully damaged and empowered by rage, the looks are a blend of traditionalism and modernism. Designers know we have a tough couple of years ahead of us and they want women to be ready for them.

Karl Lagerfeld starts off with a sweet cowl-neck white dress bound by a leather belt, decorated in a tulle scarf and paired with superwoman strength, leather accessories.

Christian Lacroix’s tuxedo ensemble is true to his genius (and somewhat maddening) style, with a white embellished dress shirt, pinstripe wool deconstructed skirt, layered over a traditional  pencil skirt.

Comme des Garcons uses a pale body as a canvas cutting out shapes into a black dress and topping off the look with an oversized, white headpiece.

Dries Van Noten drapes a checkered button up shirt into a couture dress while managing to maintain his signature, organic feel.

Barbara Bui slits up a white pencil skirt to the thigh,  splatters black paint on an asymmetrical top and zips models up in knee-length, open-toe, leather leg warmers.

Although a few softer looks did cascade down international runways, it was clear that designs were meant to be strong and the use of black and white are meant to empower us for whatever may be coming up next…

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.