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Whether headbands, flower clips, hats, or eccentric objects attached to the head, designers insist on including some sort of headpiece in their looks for Spring 2009. It adds a certain drama to a more classic look or can make a statement to an over-the-top outfit. Toned down for real life, they can be fun to play with and a  less expensive option over a designer dress. Keep it light and pretty with a colorful flower headband, or get a little tough with an edgy fedora in a soft print.
Chanel went wild with an oversized, feather helmut constructed over a pale, clean face.
Alexander McQueen took the lunch lady hairnet to a new direction by placing it over the face and styling models’ hair in swirls for a dramatic look.

Dries Van Noten keeps his girls exotic with contrasting, black turbans over white faces and neutral tones.
Pretty little nymphs – Diane Von Furstenburg drapes her faieries in colorful prints and flower petals.
Inspired by Japan? Basso and Bruke create oversized bobby pins to seal in those sky-high, slicked back buns.
Have fun and go wild with a large, exotic hair clip or throw on a hat to hide a bad hair day disaster. Either way, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from this spring.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.