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Cocktail parties celebrating one thing or another are aplenty in NYC however, the one held in honor of photographer Kelly Klein, who has just released a booked titled HORSE, could not have been held at a more fitting location than the Madison Avenue Hermes boutique.

Now a world-renowned fashion house, Hermes started, in 1837, as a saddle shop and there were equestrian signs everywhere to honor both Klein’s book and the house’s heritage. HORSE is a collection of fine art and amateur photography from 1920 to the present all of which pay tribute to the physical beauty, power, and elegance of the horse, and the sense of wonder and awe that the animal evokes.

More than 250 photographs, including many previously unpublished, are included in the book and a number come courtesy of famed photographers like Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Robert Mapplethorpe, Steven Klein, Dominique Issermann, Richard Prince, and Keith Carter.

The images featured encompass everything from horses in fashion photographs, in races, in jumping and cross country competitions, and in rodeos and the circus.

One hundred percent of Klein’s proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the Equestrian Aid Foundation.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.