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New Luxury denim lovers Blue Blood partner with 15 of the worlds leading denim retailers to take a stand for real denim. The Denim ni Aio (Love for denim in Japanese) project consists of 2 special limited editions: the Rainbow and Deep Purple selvedges.

"It’s like having some greasy fast-food," explains Blue Blood sales director Alex Jaspers.  "It tastes fine, but afterwards you don’t feel so great. The washed and used, chlorined-to-death jeans that are in fashion right now may look great, but its not the real deal. More and more, so-called ‘denimheads’ want to wear vintage-style unwashed selvedge denims; made and worn with love."

So, denim hardliners Blue Blood set out against the trend (not for the first or last time) and – in association with 15 of Europe’s leading denim retailers – will be offering two totally authentic, vintage-made jeans this fall.

It’s a way to slow things down again. Literally: an untreated, unwashed, dry jean takes a few weeks to ‘break in’ and gets more and more beautiful the more you wear it. All the wear and life-lines are yours not pre-created in a factory but from real life.

The Love For Denim project consists of 2 special denims. The Rainbow Selvedge is a lighter-blue 8-dip Hank dye denim with a tri-coloured listing. The Deep Purple is a full 24-dip dark blue, with a pale blue & plum selvedge. Both were made by one of Osaka’s finest mills, on vintage American wood-shuttle looms, with natural indigo and fully authentic buttons, rivets and details. Each jean is produced in a super-limited edition of only 350 pieces worldwide. The 15 participating stores receive their order hand-delivered in a vintage Swiss army officers travel case, each jean wrapped in Japanese newspaper (the Asahi Sinbun, to be precise) and wax-sealed.

Another remarkable feature is the blank white suede patch each jean is to be stamped and numbered by the store individually, with a specially made ‘For Our Friends’ ink stamp. The custom-stamping emphasizes the relationship between the customer and the shop.