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Bauer, publisher of POP Magazine, has confirmed that the magazine will be going on without Katie Grand, who has recently left her position at the magazine to pursue new projects. Included in the Autumn/Winter 2008 issue of the magazine was an advertisement explaining the magazine’s status.

A representative for the publishing house explained to The Guardian, "It is inevitable a new editor will bring a new vision to the brand, but we are not prepared – nor under any pressure – to rush out an interim issue for the sake of it… We would rather invest time in relaunching in the fall 2009 with a magazine that will create a real difference to the fashion industry. The new era of Pop launches Fall 2009."

Having recently officially confirmed leaving her Editor-in-Chief position over at POP, Katie Grand is currently collaborating with Conde Nast to create a new publication, Love. Managing director of Conde Nast UK, Nicholas Coleridge enthused, “We came up with the name together.  It’s just a great name. It’s a very positive name denoting a love of fashion and a love of style."  Grand’s last issue, being the 20th anniversary issue of POP, features Drew Barrymore.

The first issue of Love will be released during early 2009, going for about £5 an issue.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums