Fashion News


 By Allegra Colletti

GILT at The New York Palace Hotel
455 Madison Avenue, (212) 891.8100 

For those of you who’ve missed it, Gossip Girl is the incredibly popular hit TV show about privileged teenagers attending an elite private school in New York City and all the trouble/drama they get into.  Now that Sex and the City has been off the air for awhile, this show seems to fill that void for all those who simply cannot get enough of life in the Big Apple and all that goes along with it (admit it, you love it!).  Well, now we can all get a taste of what it’s like to live that life of luxury at GILT of The New York Palace Hotel. 

The hotel was featured in an episode of said series during which Chef Christopher Lee created a special dish just for one of the main characters on the show.  Aptly name the ‘Gossip Grill’, the dish features melted fontina cheese on thick slices of grilled homemade bread with freshly shaved truffles and is served with an arugula salad and smoked tomato soup.  Beyond delicious! 

Well, that’s what I heard anyway, but I’m not one to gossip…