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Fashion is supposed to move us forward. It’s supposed to anticipate the future needs of a society and introduce new ideas. Looks like designers are jumping forward a whole millennium for Spring 2009 with space agey, structured designs, metallic fabrics and futuristic details. Although creative, beautiful and quit unique, this look may be best left to those in the future.

Louise Goldin gives us “Judy Jetson chic” with bold shapes and fabrics from another time.

Gareth Pugh concentrates on the little details with a geometric appliqué mini-dress and matching leggings.

Calvin Klein nods at the trend with a wearable metallic dress in a modern silhouette.

Rodarte dresses the “space girl gone bad” with a multi colored chiffon dress, hooked with a chain strap and draped over cutout leather leggings.

For the ultimate fashionista space cadet, Balenciaga tucks in a tightly fitted top into a striped, metallic dress over matte tights worn over heels.

The looks are bold and may look costumy when worn next to those from the 21st century so select your pieces carefully and make sure to add something from this decade to balance it out.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums..