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 “Affectations can be dangerous.”

Thus remarked Gertrude Stein in reaction to the tragic death of modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan.  You probably already know that Isadora was the victim of a freak accident, strangled to death when her exaggeratedly long scarf (it could wrap around her neck and body twice and still leave a long trail behind,) became entangled in the spokes of the open-air car in which she was riding. a terrible, tragic accident. but please, Ms. Stein, don’t blame the scarf.

A scarf is an essential street-style accessory in these cold-weather months. Not only will it keep your neck warm (mama was right,) it adds that splash of individuality that is so important when everyone on the sidewalk around you is dressed in that pervasive winter uniform – the black wool coat. So whether it’s a chic animal print by Betsey johnson or a black knit emblazoned with je le hais, (I hate him) from Agnès B., ignore the morbid warning of Gertrude Stein and wear your scarf with bold abandon.

Isadora would have wanted it that way.