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I went to the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit when it came to New York City just a few weeks ago and was even lucky enough to meet Zaha Hadid, who was there doing an interview, during the process. The structure itself was a sight to be seen, especially in the fall in Central Park where it was surrounded by gorgeous foliage and guards all decked-out in black. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that the Mobile Art Exhibit was being canceled. It’s sad to see any form of public art disappear, but this one in particular had so much fanfare that it will no doubt leave many disappointed in a time where people are looking for cost-effective, culturally-rich, uplifting things to do. 

Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld had teamed-up with famed architect Zaha Hadid on the mobile, collapsible exhibition pod which was conceived for the 50-year anniversary of Chanel’s famous quilted 2.55 handbag. The 6,000-square foot traveling exhibition housed art inspired by the signature quilted handbag. A Chanel spokeswoman told WWD that “considering the current economic crisis, we decided it was best to stop the project. We will be concentrating on strategic growth investments."