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So you couldn’t resist a little holiday gift for yourself and you bought into one of the season’s trends–the dressy jacket–and it looked great as a topper to your party dress.

Now what?

Most calendars aren’t booked with fancy parties during the rest of the winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing the jacket, says David Hacker, vice president of trend and color at Kohl’s.

"The dressy jacket is not limited to holiday parties alone," Hacker says. "To maximize the versatility of the jacket women can either dress it up or down."

The easiest way to tone it down is with jeans and a T-shirt. To keep the whole outfit balanced, though, Hacker also suggests wearing those jeans with heels. 

"Think of the jacket as the `completer’ piece. It does more than a pant or a top to create an outfit. Into the winter, there’s also the issue of warmth," he adds.

Some of the most fashionable styles are cropped with a boxy shape, but longer, more tailored silhouettes are also making a comeback–and that’s appreciated by women who want something to cover their hips, Hacker says. Many of the jackets on the selling floor now are belted, so they have a trenchcoat shape but the fabrics might be a shiny satin or a wool jacquard, or even a knit.

Purple remains a popular color, and teal and neutrals are predicted to be strong this spring so you’ll get several seasons out of the jacket, especially with manufacturers embracing all-season fabric weights. When it’s cold, wear the jacket over a shirt and sweater or vest and even under a heavier coat; in the spring, it could be your outerwear piece.

"There is no end to opportunity with this kind of jacket," Hacker says.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.