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After not airing last year because of the writer’s strike, the Golden Globes are back. Will there be glitz and glamour or will things be tamer given the economic crisis? In Style and the Diamond Information Center held their annual pre-Golden Globes red carpet style celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Debra Messing said that it’s hard not to complain, but that she knows how lucky she and the fellow attendees are.  How profound. That said, it is being predicted that things will indeed be scaled back at the awards ceremony and after-parties.

The 66th annual show will run on NBC at 8 p.m. Sunday, January 11th and an estimated 20 million viewers are expected to tune in to see which celebrities will win big and more importantly which designers outfits they decided to wear, and which beauty and hair trends they will set off. Famed stylist Rachel Zoe, who is styling best actress nominee Anne Hathaway and presenter Cameron Diaz, told WWD that her instinct is always escapism, adding that red-carpet and awards shows are not pretentious to her, but rather they’re an escape from reality – “in the recession, everyone’s getting hit. People look to Hollywood for an escape. People need an escape, life is tough enough.”

It appears that Estee Stanley, who, with partner Cristina Ehrlich, styles supporting actress nominees Penelope Cruz and Marisa Tomei, is of a different mindset. She said that she predicts people will be elegant, but not over-the-top.

Whether or not there will be sparkle, shine, and 200 karat diamond baubles remains to be seen at the first of a long list of award ceremonies leading-up to the Oscars.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.