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He’s one of the world’s most sought after music producers, a Hip Hop prodigy with a slew of Grammys and multi-platinum albums under his Louis Vuitton emblazed belt.  Like him or hate him, there is no denying that Kanye West is truly a modern day musical soul man.  Now Mr. West is spinning his flavor on an entirely different type of “sole” – sneaker soles to be specific.

Mr. West was recently tapped by the luxury goods behemoth, Louis Vuitton, to transform his passion for sneakers into an actual line under the Louis Vuitton umbrella. This move should not come as any surprise to those in the fashion world, West is just as much a fashion icon as he is a musical one, and his passion for fashion, and sneakers in particular, is widely known. West caused quite a stir at the 2008 Grammy awards when he donned some previously unseen Nikes. 

Shortly thereafter, the mystery was solved when reports were released that West had collaborated with the athletic wear giant to created what became know to the public as the Nike Air Yeezy.  Additionally, in recent years, West’s presence was noticed at many fashion presentations, especially Louis Vuitton.

This time, West is making yet another debut, this time not as a creator in the music forum, but instead on the fashion stage.  Following his gut and taking a few style pointers from the fashion guru, LV creative Director, Mr. Marc Jacobs, West’s sneaker line for Louis Vuitton made its official debut last Thursday in Paris on the catwalks of the Louis Vuitton Menswear show. When asked to describe his creative process in designing his debut line, West stated simply, like every other field he has delved into,  “We started from the sole”.

If West pours as much of his soul into this sneaker line as his does into his musical endeavors, it will no doubt be met with success.  Kanye West is a man whose determination as lead him to the top of every field he enters, record producer, hip hop artist . . .fashion designer? . . . Hey, it the shoe . . . err, sneaker fits – wear it!

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.