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Tony Duquette, Inc., as the holder of various intellectual property rights associated with the late designer and artist filed a lawsuit in California on January 26, 2009 against Mickael Kors, Inc for trademark infringement and other causes of action. Tony Duquette, Inc. alleges that Kors infringed the Duquette proprietary name and trademark by producing and marketing a Kors Resort Collection using the name Duquette.

Tony Duquette was a renowned designer and artist who designed for, among others, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Arden.  The designer received a Tony Award for costume design for the original Broadway production of Camelot and he became the first American in history to be honored with a one-man exhibition at the Louvre Museum in 1951. 

The lawsuit alleges that Kors used the Tony Duquette mark in conjunction with a Kors clothing collection without permission or license and that he used photographs, images and patterns from the Abrams book “Tony Duquette” (the book chronicles Duquette’s life and works). The suit further alleges that Kors used images of Duquette and his long time business associate and co-designer — Hutton Wilkinson –in advertising and promoting the Kors collection. 

President and Creative Director of Tony Duquette, Inc. Hutton Wilkinson said in a press release that this lawsuit was filed with an aim towards protecting Tony Duquette’s good name and “ensuring that his valuable intellectual property and licenses around the world endure without harm.”

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