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While things on the L.A.M.B. front are mighty quiet these days, Gwen Stefani herself is looking as fit and fierce as ever. Observe these latest promo shots that have emerged of Gwen rocking out with No Doubt just in time for the announcement of their Spring tour!

Refreshingly spartan, graphical, and gimmick-free in their restraint, these new promo shots are a far cry visually from Gwen’s days spent as a Harajuku dominatrix, hip-hop pirate queen, or rastafarian wannabe. We hope these shots, which remind us of Mary Quant, teddy boys, and Carnaby Street, offer a glimpse into the visual and sonic direction Gwen takes next. Mod revivalism never gets old.

Then of course we also have to consider the fact that Gwen only gave birth literally months ago and has already shrank back down to her enviously svelte old self. Looks like a decade-long commitment to grueling aerobics and personal training sessions still does Gwen’s body good. Did you know she turns 40 this year? We can’t believe it either: it seems only yesterday she was a starry-eyed twenty something singing about the burdens of mid nineties post-feminism.

Like her professional endurance, pop legacy, and aptitude for style reinvention, her self-disciplinary streak seemingly also rivals Madonna’s.

Speaking of style evolution: while we don’t exactly know where L.A.M.B. is heading for Fall 2009, we’ve got a hunch it will speak to the modern minimalist trend by mirroring Gwen’s new clean and sleek mod simplicity while taking style notes from the wardrobes of musical icons past. We’re thinking looks influenced equally by Debbie Harry, Twiggy, and The Specials — basically, the type of striking, two-tone ensembles Ben Sherman and Fred Perry have been trying to create for their elusive female client (essentially: Gwen Stefani) all these years.