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I was stuck for a ridiculous amount of time outside the Louis Vuitton store on Champs Elysee in a taxi and found myself staring at the neon Stephen Sprouse display in the window.  Really, I think I managed to out-stare an inanimate object if that is at all possible.  Truth be told, I’ve always been a litlle bit drawn to this particular collaboration, lusting after none of the objects that have come out of the collaboration – but always giving them a bit of my ‘Susie Ponders’ time.  Somewhere between the ubiquitous leopard print scarves and now the rose print, I figured out that the element that is really attractive to me is the cartoonish interpretations of the prints…


One step further and the second collection from Sibling, a London-based knitwear trio has basically answered my cartoonish print prayers (the best sort of prayer I might add…).  Enlarged leopard print, unlikely colour combinations, added embellishments all in mensizes, which isn’t that much of a barrier. 

I mention Sibling now because I saw a piece in action on Sid Bryan, one third of Sibling, last night.  I couldn’t help but notice the superb craftsmanship of the embroidery on his grey sweater, which almost obliterated the fact that the sweater depicts pink mice crawling all over.  This almost eliminates the bad memory of when I once looked inside a freezer at a pet store and saw bags of frozen mice, and replaces that memory with this beautiful piece.  Anyhow, I’m going to have to figure a way of procuring one of these sweaters/cardigans to start my new affection for animal print, despite the fact that they’re only stocked in BEAMS Tokyo.