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Two of the most under-rated designers are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Given all the failed attempts at clothing lines on the part of celebrities no one could blame those who overlook the twins, but their love for fashion certainly comes through in their well-crafted collections – Elizabeth and James (named after their siblings), and the higher end line The Row (named after Savile Row). Unlike most celebrities who rely solely on their name to sell, MK and Ashley let the clothes speak for themselves, leaving the promotion largely to department store sales associates and the words of praise that those who wear pieces from their collection pass on.

The menswear label that the twins are launching will be under their label The Row. Ashley has said that initially when launching the brand the two sisters thought it might be a problem to sell their line once women found out the twins were behind it because the lines are aimed at an older customer than their fan base, but she adds “a lot of customers didn’t know it was us, and a lot of them still don’t know. That’s really interesting, and something I hold close, because I prefer to be behind the scenes and because I really believe the product can speak for itself. And I also have to say, men do want a woman’s approval.”

Many of the same fabrics that were used in the women’s collection were used in the men’s one — nearly all the fabrics have a cashmere component for texture and all come from Europe. That said the garments are all made in the United States and like their women’s collection are aimed at a fashion savvy customer who appreciates quality. 


Retail prices for the 35 men’s pieces range from $230 for a two-ply T-shirt to $3,200 for a cashmere overcoat.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.