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Article and images by Melissa Alvarado Sierra

It’s that time of year again when couples, friends and just about everybody jubilates on how fortunate they are for possessing that crazy little thing called love. Some people preach that all you need is love, but on Valentine’s day you also need to look great. If you are lacking the "looking great" part, do not despair. From party dresses to sexy lingerie, here are some ideas to have it all.

A red dress is the conspicuous choice for Valentine’s day. Instead, try black which is more sophisticated and still sexy. I am adoring the black and silver tulle mini dress by Lucette, and the high-heeled shoes. Don’t forget your accomplices, the accessories. A quintessential Chanel bag or a stunning ribbon ring will unify the ensemble and give it that distinguishing touch that makes you stand out. And for those intimate moments, let Stella McCartney’s lace bodysuit conquer the night.

To elevate your spirits, opt for positive frocks in juicy colors. Like the Hervé Léger $1,500 twisted color-block dress that can make you pop in any crowd. If your wallet is dwelling on the dark side and your topnotch taste mandates too much, try to find an alternative option to your idea. For a version of Leger’s sexy garb, find a bright-colored dress and wear a wide belt in another bright shade. The belt will create the same blocking design effect and voilà, you are ready to light up the day.

This romantic vision of lilac is a flawless choice for a fine lunch with your friends on Valentine’s day. The slick Azzedine Alaia fitted pencil skirt and Heavenly Couture’s pompous blouse are beaming with style. As the final touch, pair a creamy leather bag with crystal drop earrings for an instant upgrade from pretty to vavavoom. And just so you know, if you’re single, this outfit is a creditable way of telling the world: "no lover needed, all I need is to be haute!."