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Nerd chic got a serious stimulus of its very own, in New York City’s oldest public library at the General Society for Mechanics and Tradesmen. Loden Dager’s 2009 collection was a parade of his-and-her workwear for grad students and the Ivory Tower set. Alex Galan, one of the Loden Dager designates on hand remarked that this season’s collection was inspired by what artists wore in the fifties, "the real New York."


They hit the nail dead on. The sweaters (worn one over the other) were simple in construction, pants came with adjustable button closures, and hints of green, canary, and lilac peaked through brown, blacks, and grays. The few women’s looks fit right in, demure and seductively smug. The final verdict: nerds will be doing it a lot better in 2009. Seriously, a librarian with teased hair is probably down for a bit of a tease his or herself.