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This season Mulberry explores its dark side with a gorgeously twisted take on English girls and boys gone bad.

A dark purple setting, with fake beetles scattered around was an indication that this season’s collection would be a little dark, a little spooky, and extremely Mulberry. Before the models walked out to showcase the newest clothing and accessories, the beginning narrative of the popular childhood classic “Snow white” could be heard. ‘Who’s the fairest of them all?’ soon mixed into a devilish, fantasy style music loop, to accompany the dark fantasy theme.

“The starting inspiration for the season was a fabulous 1970’s illustration of a girl on a motorbike. Our Mulberry Girl started out as neat, studious, and totally English, wearing a sweet collegiate-style Pocket Blazer with Bow Blouses… but then she met our Mulberry – who is cool, smart, tough and a little naughty!”

It is clear what happened from then. The Mulberry boy swept her off her feet and onto the back of his motorbike – where they took off into the night, crossed the Atlantic and began their American road trip.

The Mulberry girl is incredibly mixed up, ranging from cute shift dresses with zipper detailing to deep V back dresses teamed with tough leather outerwear. There are a number of key pieces, especially the prim, bow jacket, complete with metal hardware and matching tulip skirt, a shape for the season.

Knitwear also features in the form of a relaxed Bunny Boiler V-Neck and boyfriend cardigan, as well as army inspired styles. Knitwear meets outerwear.

And to complete the look, oversized clutches and two styles of Angelina, a shopper and shoulder bag, which are key for this season.

Burnt Orange and Gingery Tan are described as “Autumn’s new neutrals” in addition to cobalt, inky midnight blue, purple, shades of grey, with emerald and scarlet. “Spooky Trees”, “Jacquard Bugs”, “Rotten Apples” and “Infested Roses” are the prints for the season, making the twisted elements plain to see.

The effortlessly cool Mulberry boy is attired in a slightly more limited colour palette, featuring blues, greys, reds and greens in a variety of different shades. To accessorize the Sheepskin Bombers and Mulberry trench coats, long and chunky cable knit scarves add to the look.

Mulberry’s delightfully spooky theme for Autumn/Winter leaves shivers down the spine.

‘Mirror. Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?’

‘Mulberry girls and boys’, the Mirror answered.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.