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Count on the Italians to infuse a little or, in the case of Marni, a lot of color into the fashion week circuit.  As always, this time around Consuelo Castiglioni shed some light – that being the whole light spectrum of color upon the dreary economic weather.  Shades of blue, oranges, grays, greens, pinks, yellows, and purples abounded, reflecting off their iridescence textile counterparts on the Marni runway. 

These colors combined to form oversized prints on luxe knits and heavy weight woven fabrics, which were then piled high over one another resulting in, for lack of a better adjective, truly Marni-esque looks.  What makes it Marni-esque?

Well whom better then Castiglioni to create a seemingly endless list of “it” items including, but not limited to, fur mitts and ski gloves, mink earmuffs and trapper hats, goggle sunglasses, garlands of antiqued gold flowers, woolly checkered tights, and stacks of bangles, that actually look good when worn ALL together?  But that was just the accessories, the clothing as well was an amalgam of fabrics such as patchworked jacquards, felts, metallic brocades, chunky knits, chintzy roses, and over-dyed fox fur. 

These elements of fabric, fur and fantastic accessories came together in looks such as knit tunics worn over modern renditions of running pants, paired with elbow length fur gloves, colorful brocade dresses worn with three-quarter length arm warmers, and towering platform shoes.  The combination of all these elements resulted in a winning look that made Marni one of the highlights (literally) of Milan fashion week.  Whether the economy is good or not, nothing is going to rain on Marni’s color parade anytime soon. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.