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With the lower priced Versace label — Versus – making a comeback after being put on hold four years ago so that Versace could focus on their main line, it seems that all is going well for the Italian fashion house. So it came as little surprise that the Fall/Winter 2009 Versace collection was one of the strongest the house has shown since Donatella Versace took the reigns.

The collection was elegant, sexy, seductive, and put to rest any accusation of the Versace label lacking refinement – although there were a few dresses with slits that could have, perhaps, benefited from not being cut as high as they were.

The color palette was overwhelmingly dark, but like many collections this season there was a nod to the eighties with highlighter orange and pink popping-up in a coat and dresses.

The most memorable looks were towards the end when Donatella showed-off the house’s draping skills in a handful of wonderfully crafted gowns and flair for tasteful sexiness and pleating with mini-dresses accented with pailettes and zippers.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.