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One has to ask how optimistic designers are when they start to use religious figures as fashion inspiration for their collections. Are they seeing an inescapable downfall? Perhaps they are grateful for sustaining their companies in such a volatile economy, and are thanking the higher powers above. Whatever the inspiration, religious references are making their way onto the catwalks, ranging from rosary beads to medieval headgear.

A headpiece by John Galliano references a medieval Joan of Arc with metal beading and soft tulle.


Modest wimples worn in medieval times hid the models’ hair at Fendi, preserving their innocence.


A gothic twist at Gareth Pugh showcases a high-collared Priestess whose pale skin reveals that she has not seen the day of light in quite a while.


Giambattista Valli adds hints of bright red to a dominating black cape.


Rue du Mail adds a little style to his faith and lightens the load by keeping colors in neutral tones.


Sultry and seductive? Halder Ackerman introduces a little indecent exposure into his religious views.


Although headpieces can be over the top and the heavy cape wear makes a dramatic statement, the layering looks quit comfortable for fall and when draped in a variety colors can look very beautiful and modern.

The look isn’t for everyone and should be worn by those with the purest of hearts, or maybe by those who are looking to repent. Can I get an amen?