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The Jil Sander Group has just signed a long-term licensing agreement with Milan-based footwear specialist Iris. Both Iris and Jil Sander are controlled by parent company Gibò, which is the European branch of the Japanese retailing group Onward Kashiyama. The deal encompasses shoes for both men and women, and the deal is slated to take effect for the Spring 2010 collection.  
In addition to manufacturing Jil Sander shoes, Iris manufactures and distributes the main footwear lines for Chloé, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Michael Kors, and Rochas, among others.  
A focus on accessories for Jil Sander began over two years ago when Raf Simons and Ferraris established a new Jil Sander accessories division. Until this deal was inked, however, Jil Sander shoes (like the handbags) were produced by independent manufacturers. The line’s shoes retail for between $387 (for ballerina flats), to $3,900 (for crocodile boots).  


The chief executive officer at Jil Sander Gian Giacomo Ferraris said that this new license is the next strategic step, since Jil Sander is now part of the Onward-Gibò Group.  He added that “after the successful establishment of our own accessory division, our focus is on increasing efficiency by using the excellence and know-how of Iris. This synergetic alliance will strengthen our presence in existing markets and will give us new access to develop emerging ones.”
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.