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The leggings and hosiery fad doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It is, however, getting a severe, modern makeover. Designers are paying extra attention to those beautiful stems, adorning them with jewels, lace, embroidery and exotic prints. In some cases models, walked down the runways without anything else on at all except for a fantastic pair of embellished hosiery. Perhaps these new beauties will replace the skinny pant? Well, only for those bold fashionistas who have nothing to hide.

Not your mother’s pantyhose – Zac Posen shows off custom beauties sewn in French lace and a fishnet combination peeking out of a couture overcoat.


Marc Jacobs gets a little wild with bold colors. A monochromatic red look is sprinkled in beads while a black and white, dramatic lace design is shown off on a simple black legging.


Doo Ri shows off her couture skills with hand beaded and delicate, lace tights.


Mui Mui gets exotic with heavy tights covered in rich, ethnic inspired beading complimenting her already adorned garments.


With so many beautiful options to choose from this fall, make sure to have a closet full of minis to show of the details of these new leggings. These couture versions have nothing to do with the pop look of the 80’s we’ve seen in the past.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.