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Plaid has always been a major part of history, lending itself in color and pattern styles to Irish and Scottish clans. The English have always been experts on working plaid into stylish designs, and are known for the preppy, conservative look the print evokes. Burberry is a great example of how one simple plaid design can spurn a widely successful luxury brand.
Taking a little inspiration from history, designers are creating inventive ways to incorporate plaid into modern designs. Worked into wool fabrics, draped in head-to-toe gowns and shown in colorful palettes, plaid is getting a makeover for Fall 2009.
DKNY mixes a wool, plaid, pencil skirt with a zebra blouse for an oddly flattering contrast.
Gimabattista Valli crates a plaid, wool dress using brushed fur as design accents for an incredibly inventive, yet controversial look.
Diane Von Furstenberg is feeling bright for fall, with a rainbow colored plaid jacket paired with equally colorful accessories.
Gorgeous in plaid draping, Lela Rose designs a black and white masterpiece complimented by its asymmetrical shoulder strap and hemline.
Isaac Mizrahi’s show appropriately titled “smile” included bright plaid wrap skirts that are sure to cheer you up.
Charlotte Ronson designs a plaid pant for the rock-n-roll city girl who can wear the blinding print with style.
Try a head-to-toe look in a soft dress, or a rainbow palette color to update your plaid wardrobe staples.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.