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Luxury lingerie brand Chantelle celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Masson family’s famed La Grenouille restaurant in Manhattan last month. I was out of town that day, and sadly could not attend, but there was a wonderful recap in WWD of the event, which was hosted by the brand’s president Patrice Kretz.  

It was noted that the models were decked out in utterly covetable Chantelle bra and underwear sets, strolling along the stairwell leading up to the restaurant’s upper floor as well as on the balcony overlooking La Grenouille’s dazzling second floor main dining area.  

Kretz, who is a third-generation owner of Chantelle lingerie, stated that the Chantelle name was inspired by either a village or a woman – “my grandfather spent some time in a village called Chantelle, which he was very fond of, but then, he also had a mistress named Chantelle. It’s still a mystery.” 


Chantelle’s expertly crafted pieces are sold in over 700 department and specialty boutiques in the U.S.  The President of the U.S. division of Chantelle Lingerie Inc., Sonja Winther, noted that over the last 10 years (through 2008), Chantelle’s sales have more than doubled. The increase over the last five years has been about 35 percent. 

The current face featured on Chantelle lingerie “Beyond Beauty” ad campaign is model Stephanie Seymour – who is currently going through a much publicized, heated divorce battle – and the campaign is aimed at the brand’s core 30 to 35 year old customer.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.