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There’s always two extreme sides to a runway show. What style of presentation is the best? Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto and John Paul Galliano are known for their creative presentations and abstract designs that are not necessarily made to be worn to the grocery store. Their pieces may be interpreted as statements of art intended to evoke an emotional reaction, not necessarily store sales.

On the other spectrum, designers like Calvin Klein and Donna Karen take a more classic, simplistic approach to construction and create beautiful pieces that could be worn right off the runway.

So, which is the right way to put on a show?  Presenting un-wearable, artistic visions that cause jaws to drop, or showcasing exquisitely executed clothing that may look similar to something you already have, but nevertheless feels like something you need to have.  It looks like the designers can’t decide either…

Oversized red lips, neck chains and oversized, structured garments were shown at Alexander McQueen’s “oh so spectacular” Fall 2009 runway show.

A simple plaid skirt and top paired with understated makeup and half-finished hair give Christopher Kane model wearable designs with little edge.

Knits are designed to the max as Missoni models carefully walk down the runway in layers of floor length creations.

A more subdued look for Balenciaga, a swag skirt and simple metallic top show off the detailing of the garments without all of the drama.

Pleats, hot colors and exaggerated shapes are paired with heavy makeup and futuristic headpieces at Christian Dior.

It’s a toss up! Whether you prefer a more direct approach to a fashion show or enjoy the flashy drama, all of these designers have their own styles that work for them.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.