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I had the chance to go backstage at the Erin Fetherston show where I spoke with Alisha Rimando Botero who is the head of global training and education at Dashing Diva who styled the show’s nails.


Head of Global Training and Education at Dashing Diva, Alisha Rimando Bolero.

Botero who is at the helm of the Dashing Diva Fashion Week nail-expert team (Dashing Diva has got the nail market covered – they produce 75% of the world’s artificial nails), is also doing, along with her assistants, the nails of the models at this season’s Zac Posen, Tony Cohen, and Liz McClean shows. While Fetherston models had 2 coats of Dashing Diva nail polish put on their hand and toenails, Zac Posen’s models will be getting custom press-ons for their manicures and pedicures to complement his collection.

Schmidt and Claudia Lopez of Dark PR

Also backstage I met Cologne Schmidt who is one of the contestants of the upcoming Anne Slowey reality show, Stylista. Schmidt, who is working on her own line of clothing promised me an interview and some insight into the show so more on that in the coming weeks.


Erin Fetherston



As for Erin Fetherston’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection — overall I didn’t care all that much for it. The collection was brimming with sequence, ill-fitting bottoms, unflatteringly sheer fabrics, and washed-out prints.


A model backstage wearing one of Fetherston’s sheer bottoms and sequin tops, getting prepped.

That said, there were a handful of pieces that stood-out as being utterly lust-able. All of these lust-worthy garments were made of gathered white organza – undeniably fun and flirty.


Photos courtesy of theFashionSpot forums and Sharon Feiereisen.