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Bernard Tschmui’s Parc de la Villette in Paris, an Urban Park for the 21st Century, built on a vast site that was formerly occupied by slaughterhouses served as Yeohlee Teng’s inspiration for her Spring Yeohlee collection this season.

The program at the show noted that Tschumi’s vision of urban renewal is anchored by twenty-six-ten-meter-square cubes of red steel pavilions known as follies.

In keeping with her inspiration, Yeohlee presented plenty of architectural shapes (of note a beautiful black and white washed silk organza top that was paired with red walking shorts and a white cotton coat with a wide, linear collar), along with some of her signature draping and a mostly white, gray, and black color palette with pops of red in a nod to the follies.

Though Yeohlee is known predominantly for her focus on function and maximizing the use of her materials, and though the collection was clean, refined, and modern as is Yeohlee’s signature, this season, as with so many of the other collections I’ve seen, there seemed to be more of a feminine-touch than one might have otherwise expected (sheer coral silk organza top paired with a ruffled skirt, a high-waisted stone linen shirred skirt that was paired with a delicate white washed silk organza mini rectangle top).

That said, both the expected and the unexpected where wonderfully executed and unlike so many of the other collections (Verrier, Erin Fetherston…), the feminine detailings did not feel cliché in Yeohlee’s collection. 

All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.