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Associated Press Writer, New York

A new creative director for Luca Luca doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic new direction for the fashion label.

In his runway debut Monday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Raul Melgoza presented a spring collection that captured the shapely spirit of Luca Orlandi’s woman, but with even more emphasis on cut, fit and luxe fabrics.

"I want to be more youthful and body conscious. I want clothes that define and shape the female form–it will be a sexier, leaner silhouette, which rings modern to me this season," Melgoza said in an interview.

The designer turned to the bustier to keep that slim effect, something that’s been turning up in other collections, but Melgoza might be the only one to create satin corset shorts that go halfway up the midriff. They were worn with a simple white tank top to cover the model’s top.

Most of the Luca Luca clothes were in cool tones of white and gray, including one-shoulder, bias-cut gowns in satin that looked liked liquid silver.

Some of the colored looks, including a burnt-orange, two-tone stretch dress with an asymmetrical neckline and an ice-blue, shirt-style windbreaker were also noteworthy.

Melgoza said it’s he prefers to focus on long-lasting designs instead of trends, and that’s why he puts so much effort into creating the perfect silhouette instead of adding bells and whistles.

Also, in these tough economic times, it doesn’t hurt to use beads, sequins and other embellishment sparingly, he added. "There’s a fine line of economics. … I’m using luxurious fabrics but a lot less embellishment, which is very expensive to do. I’m not doing it only as a cost-cutting measure, but it doesn’t hurt."


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.