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Associated Press Writer, New York

Designer Thakoon Panichgul brought the art of seduction to his spring-summer fashion show Monday.

The looks on the Thakoon runway had a playful–but sophisticated–naughtiness to them; prints like lipstick kisses and false eyelashes and chiffon gowns with pleated bodices.

"I wanted to explore seduction a little bit in ways of silhouette, in ways of fabrics, even in ways of print," said Panichgul, who first launched his label Thakoon in 2004. "All of those things connotate the art of seduction."

There were apron style dresses that exposed the back, "where there can be sensuality," he said. Skin colors such as nude, buff and beige were punctuated with textured black, deep red and bougainvillea, a color Panichgul calls a sensual pink. The lipstick kisses were subtle, like a sheer nude kisses trench coat with a tulle fringe. And rose prints were featured on several of the dresses, such as a rose print seamed dress with dark ribbon trim.

Outfits included an emerald baggy cardigan over a black tulle bra matched with an emerald skirt trimmed in dark ribbon. Ribbon was also wrapped around an ivory crepe sheath dress. A rose-print black blouson jacket with a large bow at the neck was paired with a matching knee-length skirt for a classy and elegant look.

Panichgul designed the printed dress that Michelle Obama wore the night her husband accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He said he knew she was considering it, but she had been wearing a lot of solid colors.

"I didn’t think at all that a print would show up on the last night," he said. "Seeing it was magical. It was really kind of surreal because at this kind of level, it’s such a big magnitude kind of thing. It’s such an honor for me."

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.